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This post may not seem relevant to CBD to you, but believe me it is.

I recently partnered with a local news outlet (King 5) here in Seattle near my office to provide clarity on various buzz-worthy health topics. I have written scripts about CBD for them but my partner Chris Cashman & myself decided that it would be better to start the series off on some topics with a bit less political charge.

To prove that you can’t have an opinion these days on ANY topic without people immediately taking opposing sides and bracing for controversy, we decided to take the most innocuous subject matter we could think of; water.

This topic also made it readily clear that in the field of health and wellness there are no black & white answers. Even on the topic of something as basic and essential as water, the answers people are looking for exist in shades of grey in the middle while people bicker over the minutiae on the ashy outskirts. Just like with CBD, people ask me almost daily, “is it good?” which is more of a philosophical question than a biological one. They clearly want a hollow, blanket answer that confirms their current bias and act inconvenienced when I inform them that the truth lies in the exploration and understanding of themselves and their individual needs.

But the ones who stay and listen are the ones who get all the answers they are looking for.

So stay and listen. I promise I’ll keep it fun!

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